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…One Step At A Time

…One Step At A Time

first WP post after the event that screwed-up my whole life back in January…
as per title, trying to get back on my feet.
…one step at a time.

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Flash News & Updates

  • 2011.09.02 - Cool Image Tricks by Corey Barker at Layers Mag (more…)
  • 2011.08.31 - Cheetah3D 5.8 released (more…)
  • 2011.07.07 - BlenderGuru Natural Academy is open! (more…)
  • 2011.06.21 - Final Cut Pro X released! (more…)
  • 2011.06.21 - Photoshop Tip: take advantage of the Clone Source panel while retouching photos (more…)
  • 2011.06.21 - Pixologic Scupltris Alpha 6 is out and adds OSX support! (more…)
  • 2011.06.16 - BlenderTuts tutorial: Basic Sculpting and ZBrush-ish Matcaps in Blender (more…)
  • 2011.06.05 - LuxRender 0.8 final released! (more…)
  • 2011.06.10 - BlenderGuru tutorial: How to Create a Flamethrower (more…)
  • 2011.06.10 - New "Brick Spline Particle" script for Cheetah3D from TresGraficos (more…)
  • 2011.06.10 - New "Aligned Spline Particle" script for Cheetah3D from TresGraficos (more…)
  • 2011.05.24 - Cheetah3D 5.7 released (more…)
  • 2011.05.10 - BlenderGuru tutorial: Create an Underground Subway Scene - part 2 (more…)
  • 2011.04.29 - Cheetah3D Gallery: Mobile Suit Gundam by Luca Aleotti (more…)
  • 2011.04.29 - Modeling a Dragon in Silo3D - timelapse by Glen Southern. (more…)
"La semplicità è il risultato di un grande, profondo, sofferto lavoro: sembra essere un punto di partenza, in realtà è un punto d'arrivo." (Renzo Piano)

"God is in the details." (Mies van der Rohe)

"Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union." (Frank Lloyd Wrigh)

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