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Temple for a Lost Soul

Been working almost 7/7 for 3 weeks and I just felt it was time for a pause and a quick sunday personal project. Just wanted to materialize some ideas that always come while working and you don’t have the time… yep I’m talking of real job, the one with real money that pays real bills.

It’s not a physical place but some kind of imaginary state of mind where I often feel I am… and sometimes want to be. It’s a little sad but not desperate, makes you feel alone but not lonely, it may seem a prison but in the end is what’s setting your imagination free. It’s minimalist like some japanese haiku… and in the very same way it can tell the whole world with a single word. Tadao Ando is everywhere.

Modeled and textured in Cheetah3D, Ghost armchair (design Cini Boeri) modeled in Silo3D, raw Octane renders with Sunlight (direct light) in two flavours (settings attached), no post pro. Oh, and… of course is a Global Illumination test.

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One thought on “Temple for a Lost Soul

  1. Nice one! Love the minimal feeling here =) it’s nice to see Octane in use too =)

    Posted by Glimps | April 10, 2012, 3:30 pm

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